What is CellMC?

CellMC is technically a program-generator, though we sometimes refer to it, albeit erroneously, as a “compiler” because it compiles SBML models to executables.

What does CellMC do?

CellMC generates a program that implements SSA for a model expressed as SBML Level 2, Version 3.

What particular algorithm does CellMC use?

CellMC uses a vectorized version of ODM (the optimized direct method) and has command-line arguments for tuning certain features of the vectorized algorithm.

What PRNG does CellMC use?

On PC, CellMC embeds a version of SFMT 1.3.3, modified to be re-entrant and performance-optimized (about twice as fast).

On Cell/BE, CellMC uses the Mersenne Twister from IBM's Cell SDK.

What version/level of SBML does CellMC support?

CellMC uses SBML Level 2, Version 3, although it does not implement anything beyond what could be realized with SBML L1V2 (why?).

What dependencies does CellMC have?

On both IA32 and Cell/BE:

On IA32/x86/PC, CellMC requires:

On Cell/BE, CellMC requires: