Source Tarball

The latest source tarball is strongly recommended (why?). It uses the GNU Autotools and follows the familiar procedure:

$ wget
$ tar zxf cellmc-0.2.34.tar.gz
$ cd cellmc-0.2.34
$ ./configure
$ make

Then, as root in the same directory:

# make install

Changes since the previous version can be found in the change log.

Binary Packages

Packages for a number of platforms are available from the menu (right). These may not be up-to-date version.

Subversion Repository

The latest source-code can be downloaded from the Subversion repository on SourceForge:

$ svn co\
> svnroot/cellmc/trunk cellmc
$ cd cellmc
$ autoreconf --install
$ ./configure
$ make

Because there is no configure script in the repository (it is generated by the Autotools), you must have recent versions of Autoconf and Automake installed. The repository is actively used and changes all the time, so the source will often, if not usually, fail to compile.